Religious Studies Undergraduate Organization

The Religious Studies Undergraduate Organization serves to bring students together to engage in ideas concerning the study of religion. We strive to encourage members to work closely with faculty members of their choice to better create an environment where ideas and research come together! As a result, we aim to sponsor members at various conferences - such as the North Carolina Religious Studies Association (NCRSA) and American Academy of Religion (AAR) - to showcase the talent, research, and fresh perspectives produced through the Religious Studies Department. It is our mission to allow members to critically and creatively manuever through various research interests with the hopes of ultimately moving into a graduate program. 

Beyond the 'academic' side of our organization, we offer various opportunities for student involvement on campus. It is our hopes to foster a nurturing environment for members throughout (and even beyond!) the academic year. By attending monthly meetings to discuss academic, and also personal, obstacles, achievements, and opportunities, members will receive a rich and rewarding experience from their membership in the Religious Studies Undergraduate Organization. 

For further questions about memberships/meetings, please contact Department Chair Joanne Maguire at

To sign up for a membership, please visit the organization's Niner Engage page at the following link: