Honors Program Admissions

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Robert Mapplethorpe, Christ, 1988
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Admission to the Religious Studies Honors Program

(a) Although faculty members in the Department of Religious Studies normally identify students with exceptional potential as candidates to its Honors Program, any qualifying Religious Studies major may apply.  Admission is however contingent upon the availability and consent of a faculty member to serve as advisor.  Once agreed, the student and the faculty advisor notify the Director of the Religious Studies Honors Committee of their intent to undertake an honors thesis.

(b) An Application for Admission to Candidacy form must be turned in the semester PRIOR to graduation, which includes a 4-6-page research proposal with a bibliography, and must be completed by the student, signed by the thesis advisor, and forwarded to the Director of the Religious Studies Honors Committee. The signature of the faculty member is his or her agreement to serve as the main thesis advisor. The application must comply with the guidelines and deadlines set by the Honors College as described on the link above.

(c) The University Honors Council will formally approve, reject, or return the application for revision, according to the criteria stated on the University Honors College Proposal Guidelines for Admission to Honors Candidacy for Arts & Architecture, Social Sciences, Education, and Humanities.

(d) A student may be removed from the Honors Program at any time upon her or his own request or upon recommendation of the thesis advisor. The student will then withdraw from the honors course in accordance with the University policy on withdrawal. 

For more information, contact Dr. James Tabor, Director of the RELS Honors Program.