Study Abroad Spring Break 2020

The Religious Studies Department is offering three study broad spring break programs in the spring of 2020! Students earn credit hours and spend spring break abroad!  

London, England Learn more about London!

RELS 2000-003. World Religions in London!  Students will travel to the United Kingdom to observe the stunning of religious diversity of London as experienced in everyday life. London presents a number of paradoxes worthy of closer consideration: in the popular imagination, the city is dominated by Christian architecture, but we will see a city in which Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and others have been claiming it home for generations. What does it mean to see the global in a single city? What does that suggest about the concept of “religious diversity” in a globalizing world?  Cross lists with LBST 2102-341.


Trinidad  Learn more about Trinidad

RELS 2000-002. Callaloo Nation: History, Culture, and Religion in Trinidad.  This course introduces students to the indentureship trade, a labor system put in place after the abolishment of slavery. The indentureship trade brought workers from China and India to Africa, Mauritius, and the Caribbean where workers faced conditions only marginally better than the slavery. In this course, students will examine the construction of this labor system in Trinidad, the effects it had on the groups of people who emigrated, and the resulting mix of culture and religion in Trinidadian communities. We will discuss the impact of colonialism in Trinidad while taking in Trinidad's natural resources, and analyzing how Indo-Trinidadians have maintained their hyphenated identities.  Cross lists with LBST 2102-342.


Oaxaca Learn more about Oaxaca

RELS 2000-001 Mexico: Culture, Religion, Food, and Environment in Oaxaca. This course will allow students to explore the intersections of culture, food, environment, and religion from the past to the present in Oaxaca, Mexico. Using historical and anthropological approaches to religious and culinary traditions and practices, students will learn how culture shapes experiences of daily and ritual lives and feasts, and how different parts of life are connected through culture and environment. Readings, lecture, and discussion groups tie to observational and experiential opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Oaxacan religion and food. Students will have the opportunity to develop digital humanities research and presentation skills through this course. Spring Break Study Abroad. Cross listed as: ANTH 2020-001, LTAM 2001-A01, GEOG 2000-001

 Apply by November 1, 2018. The Department of Religious Studies is able to offer a $100 scholarship to the first ten students in each program to fully complete the application process and confirm their participation.