Evidence of Babylonian conquest revealed at UNC Charlotte Mt. Zion archaeological site

Shimon Gibson at Mt. Zion archaeological site
Archaeologists confirm evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 587/586 BCE.
Religious Studies

Dr. James Tabor, UNC Charlotte religious studies professor and Dr. Shimon Gibson, UNC Charlotte history professor (pictured here), both co-directors of the dig at Mount Zion, along with their team of archaeologists, have recently announced a second discovery from the 2019 season. They believe to have uncovered evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city from 587/586 BCE. Last month, the team discovered what they believe to be evidence of a contested claim about the Crusaders attack on Jerusalem in 1099.  

The Mount Zion Archaeological Project is supported by a bequest from Loy H. Witherspoon.

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