Mount Zion Dig Announces New Discovery

Dr. Shimon Gibson at the Mount Zion dig site
Monday, July 15, 2019
"Archaeologists confirm contested tale of the Crusades, 920 years after battle"

Dr. James Tabor, UNC Charlotte religious studies professor and Dr. Shimon Gibson, UNC Charlotte history professor (pictured here), both co-directors of the dig at Mount Zion, along with their team of archaeologists, have recently announced having uncovered proof of the ditch surrounding Jerusalem, dug to thwart the crusaders' impending attack in the year 1099. According to the chronicler, Raymond de Aguilers, the crusaders filled in the ditch after being offered golden dinars, and this, according to the chonicler, assured their victory. His account, up until now, had been largely disbelieved.

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