Religious Studies Graduate Organization

The Religious Studies Graduate Student Organization serves primarily to develop greater communication and camaraderie among fellow students and faculty in the Religious Studies Graduate Department for the purpose of helping students prepare for and further their education and career aspirations. We hope this organization will encourage a supportive, cooperative, professional, and educational environment that facilitates the open exchange of ideas. Our aim is to promote stronger understanding and tolerance of world religions through education and discussion of the social, economic, and political factors that influence and are influenced by religious beliefs.

We as an organization have sponsored many of our members to attend various academic conferences – such as the North Carolina Religious Studies Association (NCRSA) and American Academy of Religion (AAR) – by providing a platform for our many talented students to showcase their research with national and international audiences.

We would like to stress that this is not simply an ‘academic’ organization. We provide various opportunities for student involvement on campus and in the department in the hopes of fostering a nurturing environment for members throughout their academic career and beyond. We hold monthly meetings that involve discussion of goals, obstacles, achievements, and opportunities to provide support and guidance to members of the Religious Studies Graduate Student Organization.

For further questions concerning membership/meetings, please contact president Sam Davis at: