Micah Hughes

Micah Hughes
Religious Studies
Adjunct Lecturer




 am finishing my PhD in Islamic Studies (Jan 2021) in the Department of Religious Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. I received my bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Georgia State University and my MA at Alliance of Civilizations Institute in Istanbul, Turkey, where I lived for four years. My dissertation, "Religion's Revolution: Islam, Social Science, and the University in the Republic of Turkey," analyzes the creation of the first Faculty of Theology as a site of Islamic reform in the early 20th century. 
Based on close readings of primary sources in Ottoman and modern Turkish, I show how modernist intellectuals in the university sought to inaugurate a "revolution in religion" by conceptually translating classical Islamic sciences into modern social scientific disciplines in order to refashion theologians into sociologists, philosophers, and historians of Islam. I am also a member of the Durham-based Prison Books Collective, which sends books and political zines to incarcerated folks in NC and AL.