Justin Mullis

Justin Mullis
Adjunct Lecturer
Macy 202B

Justin Mullis has a M.A. and B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte which he has chosen to probably greatly misuse by researching topics relating to popular-culture.    

His B.A. thesis dealt with religious dimensions of Cthulhu Mythos fandom and has been presented at both the 2010 North Carolina Religious Studies Association and the 2015 American Academy of Religions. A revised version has also been published in The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts Vol. 26 No. 3 as “Playing Games with the Great Old Ones: Ritual, Play, and Joking within the Cthulhu Mythos Fandom.” A substantially expanded version will appear in the book Fantastic Fandoms and the Sacred from McFarland Press.

His M.A. thesis was an examination of the gender politics at work among “Bronies:” adult male fans of the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A revised version of which is being published under the title “All The Pretty Little Ponies: An Examination of Brony Sexuality” in the book The Retro-Futurism of Cuteness (Punctum Books, 2017).

Justin's current academic endeavors include forthcoming essays on the religious characteristics of the Japanese superhero franchise Ultraman for a book on Japanese monster movies from McFarland Press (Spring 2017) and one on myth, ritual and repetition in Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a volume from Wipf and Stock based on a paper delivered at the 2016 American Academy of Religions.

Justin has also written on the topic of Japanese pop-culture for G-Fan magazine, the LovecrafteZine and the blog Maser Patrol as well as recorded podcasts for The Film Find.