Francis Penkava

Francis Penkava
Adjunct Lecturer
Macy 212

M.A., Arizona State University
Liberal Studies Program

Religious Studies focus at Ambassador University, the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.  I received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from UNC Charlotte in May 2000, with a focus on religious tradition in China.

I received a Master of Arts degree from Arizona State University in December 2004.  In this program, I took a varied approach and followed a portfolio route to the degree, with special coursework in Chinese traditions, Southeast Asian Buddhism, the early history of Christian mysticism, religion and the body, the sociology of new religious movements and apocalyptic movements, the early Crusades, and the history of the Protestant Reformations in Europe.  Additionally, I pursued independent studies in some of the works of Kierkegaard, the history of Quakers in America, and the phenomenon of non-Trinitarian churches that arose out of the 19th-century Adventist movement in America.

My portfolio presentation included these papers:
Buddhism and Existentialism:  Subjectivist Alternatives in Psychological Practice
Origen’s Christology:  A Platonist Pattern for the Church
Out of Adventism:  Non-Trinitarians and Armstrongites

Areas of special interest:
The continuing and evolving role of Confucianism in current-day China; contemporary apocalypticism in America; the influence of religious ideas on the creation of the American republic; religion and psychology, with particular emphasis on existentialist elements suggested in religious belief and practice.

Relevant experience:
I was a Teaching Assistant at Arizona State for four semesters, working in courses on American Religious Traditions, Native American Religious Traditions, and World Religions.