Statement of Solidarity with Muslim Students, Faculty, and Staff at UNCC

Consistent with our mission to promote the study of religion in a pluralistic and multicultural context and our desire to foster self-reflective, open, and civil conversation about diverse religious traditions, the Department of Religious Studies expresses our dismay, disgust, and outrage at the recent incident of Islamophobic harassment in Wallis Hall.  We affirm our support for and commitment to all Muslim students, faculty and staff at UNC Charlotte.  We affirm our commitment to the value of an informed, critical understanding of religion, religious difference, and the history of religious intolerance, mindful of the devastating consequences that follow when such values are not maintained. No student or group of students should be targeted for harassment and vilification based on their religious identity; no student should be penalized for reporting acts of harm; all students should support one another against acts of intolerance and cruelty.  The Department of Religious Studies is open to hearing from students, faculty, and staff about how we can further our effort to create a community that fosters understanding, safety, and decency across difference.

The Faculty of the Department of Religious Studies