Kelly Baker to speak on zombie apocalypses

Kelly Baker

Zombies reign as the cultural monster of the latetwentieth and early twenty-first centuries. They shamble and moan in every nook and cranny in American pop culture from televis ion to film to fiction to video games to social media. It is not just zombies that are everywhere, but rather zombies apocalypses. What does this type of apocalypse say about American ethical and theological concerns? Who becomes zombies? Who survives? What kinds of stories do zombie apocalypses tell us about our contemporary moment? These monster tales seek to define what is human and inhuman about how we live now. Zombies remake our world for better or worse, and they stand as a lesson about the perils we currently face.

Kelly Baker is editor of Women in Higher Education and a regular contributor and essayist for multiple journals and websites.  She is the author of Gospel According to the Klan and The Zombies are Coming!

October, 17 2016
3:30-5:00 pm
Denny 200